Mystery Valley
Le secret du peuple de la rivière

Nicole Dargère

Voici un commentaire récemment reçu sur au sujet de mon livre Mystery ou Le secret du peuple de la rivière.

Bien qu'il soit en anglais, c'est une grande satisfaction pour moi de voir qu'une personne de langue anglaise a pris le temps de lire mon livre et de mettre ses commentaires.

This review is from: Mystery Valley ou le Secret du peuple de la rivière (Paperback)
From its cover photo and opening pages, Mystery Valley creates a world of intrigue and discovery that takes readers on an eventful and rewarding literary journey. This well-written story takes place in the late 19th century in a picturesque setting in the southwestern corner of Canada. The focal point of the novel is a native tribe inhabiting the banks of the Harrison River in scenic British Columbia. I was fascinated to learn about the lifestyle, customs and culture of these indigenous people and their ingenuity and craftsmanship in using their surrounding natural resources. This novel gave me a deep appreciation of the aboriginal people of the Pacific Northwest and their harmonic co-existence with land, sea flora and fauna.
But Mystery Valley is more than just a story about native people. It's a riveting tale that probes the secrets of a local legend with unique and startling insights. Ms. Dargère has filled her novel with vivid descriptions, rich characters and sensuous observations. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this enchanting book which is textured with a keen sense of time, place and people.

Je suis ravie de ces bons commentaires au sujet de mon histoire.

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