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avec Isabelle Rigolo

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"Quand on embrasse, on ne met pas les mains"

Vendredi 2 Novembre 2018 de 10h à 14 h
Friday, November, 2nd, 2018 from 10:00 am to 2: 00 pm

When French and from France, we all have preconcienved ideas, often clichés, of what life in the US, and the US, more generally are. Cultural differences that the author could embrace when moving to the US 9 years ago. A series of anecdotes reflecting with humor the daily reality, challenges sometimes that one can face when exposed to another culture, far from being what was expected. 28 short stories, in French, all from real-life experience, funny and moving, sweet and inspiring.
"Quand on embrasse, on ne met pas les mains" celebrates the importance of openmindness and communication in a world that can feel isolating.
à "La Baguette Magique" 202 W. Market st West Chester, PA, United States

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